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    HUU Awards: Nominee List 2017

    posted: 3rd April 2017, 3:30pm
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    Education Zone Awards

    Course Rep of the Year

    Awarded to the Course Rep who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in their role throughout the year

    • Abbey Ducker
    • Alizeh Shaikh
    • Ben Howard
    • Florence Miller
    • Lauren Barkas
    • Lisa Harris
    • Lyle McNally
    • Vassili Crispi
    • Zhuolin Wang


    Outstanding Contribution to the Education Zone

    Awarded to the individual who has contributed the most to the Education Zone

    • Rebecca Devine
    • Sian Williams     
    • Steven Storey


    School Rep of the Year

    Awarded to the School Rep who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in their role throughout the year

    • Victoria Clark
    • Katherine Hobson
    • Florence Miller
    • Vassili Crispi
    • Sam Spain


    Education Engagement Award

    Awarded to the Education Zone student volunteer who has excelled in engaging with students

    • Steven Storey
    • Jack Price
    • Rebecca Devine
    • The History Postgrad Committee


    Welfare & Community Zone Awards

    Welfare & Community Zone Volunteer of the Year

    Awarded to the volunteer who has shown outstanding dedication throughout the year to the Welfare & Community Zone

    • Connor Massey
    • Haley Hatton
    • Jennie Watts
    • Matthew Page
    • Oliver Woodroffe
    • Rayne Goddard


    Welfare Zone Team of the Year

    Awarded to the Welfare & Community team that has made the biggest impact this year

    • HUU LGBT+
    • LINKS


    LINKS Award

    Awarded to the student who has made the biggest contribution to LINKS First Aid this year.

    • Jack Carlin
    • Declan McHugh
    • Chris Esdaile
    • Andrew Costigan
    • Rory Hamil
    • Thomas Gwilliam
    • Niamh Turney
    • Connor James Robinson
    • Matthew Ward


    Sport Zone Awards

    Most Dedicated AU Club Member

    Awarded to the club member who has gone above and beyond during their time as a student

    • Charles von Hoven
    • Sadie Wild
    • Lulu Frenett
    • Tomasz Kopec
    • Rebecca Goodwin
    • Amy Smith           
    • Rachel Owen
    • Simon Bishop
    • Katie Stones        
    • Rob Wilkinson
    • Katherine Bloomfield     
    • Joseph Sanderson             
    • Eilish Thornton
    • Gavin Brummitt
    • Nicholas Wright                 
    • Cathy Braimah  
    • Jeremy Moulton


    Most Dedicated AU President

    Awarded to the president who has gone above and beyond the call of duty for their club and its members

    • Banke Ajayi-Obe
    • Daniel Ming        
    • Georgina Lord
    • Hollie Mason
    • Jermaine Townsend
    • John Young         
    • Kieran Lee
    • Lewis Hanneman               
    • Lucy Horsfield
    • Mariam Venizelou
    • Matthew Cavanagh
    • Matthew Dobson
    • Nathan Harvey-Reid         
    • Sadie Wild
    • Sam Walker         
    • Shannon Webb
    • Tamsin Lush


    AU Long Service Award

    Awarded to the student who has served a club with sustained dedication over a long period of time.

    • Sanna Saidy
    • Millie Rowbotham
    • Lina Sernaite
    • Sam Walker
    • Osaro Otobo
    • Katherine Bloomfield


    Activities Zone Awards

    Outstanding Commitment to HUSSO

    Awarded to the student volunteer who has made an exceptional contribution to the work of HUSSO throughout the year

    • Diana Nicoleta Rada
    • Jade Groves
    • Zoe Hollingsworth
    • Lauren Warner


    Media: Best Contributor

    Awarded to the individual who has made the biggest difference, best contribution or implemented improvements to HUU Student Media

    • Tim Goodfellow
    • Sarah Pike
    • Connah Thompson
    • Harry Heaslip
    • Joe Moore
    • Ben Groocock
    • Henry Smith
    • Josh Baker
    • Max Lilley


    RAG: Fundraiser of the Year

    Awarded to the fundraiser who has had the biggest impact throughout the year

    • Hull Tamil Society
    • Danielle Griffin
    • Hull Marrow       
    • Hull University Mixed Martial Arts
    • Jennie Watts      
    • War and Role Play Society (WARPS)


    Society of the Year

    Awarded to the society that has been the most active, made the biggest impact and done the most for its members and HUU

    • Afro Caribbean Society
    • Anime Society
    • Barbershop and Accapella Society
    • Board Game Society
    • Catholic Society
    • Computer Society
    • Debating Society
    • Doctor Who Society
    • Drama Society
    • Friends of Palestine Society
    • Harry Potter Society
    • History Society
    • Hull Public Speaking Society
    • Hull Tamil Society
    • Hull Uni Conservative Futures Society
    • Law Society
    • Medsoc
    • Performing Arts Society
    • Physics Society
    • Politics Society
    • War and Role Play Society (WARPS)


    Activities Zone Team of the Year

    Awarded to the Activities Zone committee that has made the biggest impact this year

    • RAG
    • Hullfire Student Media (incl. Torch TV)
    • Hindu Society
    • Hullfire Radio


    The Big Three

    Volunteer of the Year: The John Franks Memorial Award

    Awarded to the volunteer who has made an outstanding overall contribution to the life of students at the University of Hull. The John Franks’ Award is dedicated to the memory of John Franks, Head of the University Careers service for over 30 years. He was a great supporter of HUU and was responsible for personally helping thousands of Hull students and graduates with their careers. Following John’s sudden death in 2008, John’s family kindly made a significant donation to support this award for the foreseeable future.

    • Connor Massey
    • Jack Bridges
    • John Wilcock
    • Kim Houghton
    • Max Cummins
    • Osaro Otobo
    • Diana Nicoleta Rada


    The Julie Watson Memorial Award

    Awarded to the volunteer who has made the biggest positive impact on the development of other students through HUU activity. This award is dedicated to the memory of Julie Watson, HUU’s Director of Membership Services and HR. In almost ten years of service with HUU she made an enormous contribution to the development of HUU and the staff who work here. “Julie loved to develop our staff and see them improve. Many of our staff are doing jobs they would never have believed themselves capable of without Julie’s constant encouragement. As a result everyone thought the world of her and this was repaid through the commitment she inspired in providing excellent service to our student members over a wide range of activities.”

    • Ethan Spittle
    • Jennie Watts
    • Josephine Findley
    • Josh Baker
    • Max Cummins
    • Diana Nicoleta Rada


    Outstanding Work for the Students’ Union

    Awarded to the volunteer who has delivered an outstanding campaign or project, or who has made a significant contribution through volunteering within the organisation which has enhanced HUU, contributed to improving the student experience and demonstrated consistent dedication.

    • Danielle Griffin
    • Jennie Watts      
    • Max Cummins
    • Rob Ackers
    • Steven Storey     
    • Josie Findley        
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