Activities List


A Afro-Caribbean Society
AfroStreet Dance
Amnesty International Society
Anime Society
Aquatic Science Society
Archeology Society
Arts and Crafts Society
B Barbershop and Acapella
Barrister Society
Big Band Society
Bioscience Society
Board Game Society
British Asian Society
C Catholic Society
Chemistry Society
Chess Society
Chinese Student Scholars Society
City of Culture
Computer Society
Conflict and Diplomacy Society
Conservative Future Society
Crystal Clear Society
D Darts Society
Debating Society
Doctor Who Society
Drama Society
E Engineering Society
English Society
F Feminist Society
Film Society
Food and Dining
Foundation On Christ Society
Friends of Palestine
G Geography Society
Gilbert & Sullivan Society
GPS and Gospel Choir Society
H Harker Society
Harry Potter Society
Hindu Society
Historical Battle Re-enactment Society
History Society
Hong Kong Society
Horror Society
Hull Uni Breakdance Society
I Investment and Trading Society
Islamic Society
J Japanese Society
Jewish Society
Jewish Society
K Korean Culture
Kuwaiti Students
L Labour Club Society
Language and Culture Society
Law Society
Liberal Democrats
M Marrow Society
Masonic Society
Mental Health Society
Midwifery Society
Music Society
N New Movement for Christ
P Performing Arts Society
Photography Society
Physics Society
Pokemon Society
Poker Society
Politics Society
Pool & Snooker Society
Psychology Society
Public Speaking Society
R Real Ale Society
Rock Society
Rooted in Christ Society
S Saudi Society
Sci-Fi Society
Scouts and Guides
Secularist,Atheist,Humanist Soc
Seventh-Day Adventist Students on Campus
Sexpression: UK Hull
Socialist Students Society
Stand Up To Racism
Student Action For Refugees
Surgical Society
Swing Dance Society
T Tamil Society
U Unicef On Campus
W War Games and Role Playing Society (WARPS)
War Studies
Wilderness Medicine Society
Women Empowered Society
Y Yoga and Wellbeing
Z Zoology Society